Excellent Evidence of Human Activity

The Cupboard Pamphlet 

Never Leave the Foot of an Animal Unskinned 

Porkbelly Press 



Winner - Cutbank Big Sky, Small Prose Contest 2018

WinnerGrist Journal Pro Forma Contest 2018 

Semi- Finalist - Sundress Publications 2018 Chapbook Contest

Finalist - Sweet Inaugural Poetry Contest

Semi-Finalist - Tinderbox Poetry Contest 2017

Finalist - Slapering Hol Chapbook Competition 2017

Finalist - Paper Nautilus Debut Series Chapbook Contest 2017



Every Man on Tinder Has a Gun (forthcoming) Cincinnati Review

Body Puzzle Brevity


Origin of the Mapping System, I Have Masturbated Three Days in a Row And Can't Stop Crying (forthcoming) Kenyon Review



Violet-Bloom Redivider

From the Window, She Has a Pair of Simple Eyes (forthcoming) Rewilding: Poems for the Environment

Talk to Eliza Cherry Tree

Self-Portrait as Mammal (forthcoming) Split Rock Review

The Lizard that Lived Forever Cutbank


Grasp  Thrush Poetry Journal 

Growing Bone Glass: A Journal of Poetry

A Staked Plain museum of americana 

I Have Found the Golden Whales American Literary Review

Look What I Have Done Anomaly

Call Me A Courage DIALOGIST 

Remnant Pidgeonholes


Heavy Furniture, Girls I Am Mistaken For South Dakota Review

A Week After Anthony Bourdain's Death Barrelhouse

My Father Asks if I Was Raised by a Jackal Sweet


Search for  Grist Journal

Maybe We Will Lie About This Diagram

In Praise of the Exoskeleton Booth

Rifle Season, It's Been Four Years, A Man in a Bar Takes a Picture of Me The Rumpus

This is The Realm of Last Chances Hot Metal Bridge

Graft, Raw Honey Timber

Beast Fables  Gulf Stream Literary Magazine

13 Horses in Michigan Midwestern Gothic

Love Poem in Which I Am in Love with No One, The Volume of a Human Heart Bluestem


Prehistory Gordon Square Review

This Was Never About Pain Pleiades

Loving With Scissors, Portrait As/With Sister Wildness

Bramble and Knife Sonora Review

Sonnet for Black Parades Barrelhouse Blog



I Thought There Would Be More Wolves Hunger Mountain

Your Daughter is a Liar Prairie Schooner

A Man Tells Me How Difficult My Body Is  Tinderbox - Contest Issue

A Girl Sings into a Well, Sending a Book to a Boy, For a Moment Sequestrum

Renovation, Tasmanian Tiger Third Point Press

Ode to Mammuthus Primigenius Flock

A Bestiary of Names: a Review of ANIMALS STRIKE CURIOUS POSES by Elena Passarello Barrelhouse

A Compulsion of Letters Yemassee

Imprint, Fieldborn Sugared Water

Of Men & Birds The Blueshift Journal

The Second Death Alyss

Bad Hunter, I Will Have Forgotten You By Sunday Fairy Tale Review

Blud Ornge Slice Magazine

Knives Before Forks New South

Stopping Time Third Coast Magazine


Wolfish Red Paint Hill


The Farm Moonsick Magazine

Gifts From Birds Rust & Moth

Pantoum for Dark Lands Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Mud Ceremony Molotov Cocktail Shadow Award Issue

With My Lost Saints, I Hope You're Hungry, Isms Dirty Chai Magazine


The Midnight Hour The Grief Diaries


Landlocked Hermeneutic Chaos Journal


Nightmare Girl, Boy Who Thinks The World Is Flat Sweet Tree Review


Woolly Bones Storm Cellar


Phaedras de Blondel, This History of Lungs Crab Fat Magazine


Blossom Rot, Scrape Reservoir Journal




Favor, Making a Meal The Boiler Journal

Frequency Illusion Jai-Alai Magazine




Vessel Bear Review


Love, You Sweet Dream Wingbeats II: Exercises and Practice in Poetry 


Ode to Bones Boxcar Poetry Review




Warfare, No One Has Ever Told Me I Look Like My Mother, How My Father Taught Me (To Breathe) Uncommon Core: Contemporary Poems for Learning and Living 





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